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Avoiding pr drops

When I got my first PR, back in Goal 2008, I do not even know how it works and how I got such a variety for such a new website. When some persons gets a greater pr, other persons goes through a pr lower, like losing from PR 4 to 3; 2 to 1 or 1 to 0. Now on this article, I’d like to describe this fact and what you should do if you had a pr drop?
Case study: How I got PR 3 in 3 months?

I got my first pr for as PR 3.  I thought I got PR 3 because of my common content but the simple fact is, this was all of because one website back links to my website which was a Website List 5 website. At that point I do not have enough back links to my website. Few weeks later, that website turn down and my pr was now decreased at PR 2.

After 2 more improvements, (July ’08 and November ’08) it still was on PR 2. This truly adds up that this area is really a PR 2 area and it will not improve until I develop some more links -I never have to because now I have a new area on it:
The big myth!

When the pr comes, most persons think that The search engines tried you. It’s not true because the current weblink building will figure out the PR. If “A” links to you and his pr had a lower, you will be impacted too. So the tip is to develop enough inbound links that your PR will not lower for other links.

There are 2 Website Position, one that we see on the plugin and the other motivated to put your websites on the google investigation. If you will get tried, your investigation Website List will reduce.
Avoiding pr drops

Blogs are different than websites. Take a investigation for -you’ll see around 300 effects. This means 300+ websites are listed from BlogKori. The big advantage of a website is, every page will be placed professionally. Where your website website is a pr 3, other inner websites will be PR 2/1. Internal websites can out perform your website too! For an example, when my blogger website was PR 3, one of the inner websites were PR 4.

What to do when you had a Website rank drop?

You can easily improve your website rank by back links to your website from most of your content. When ever you try to develop some inbound links, try to develop links for inner websites -not your website all the time!

One of my web developer buddies, Darrell from had a problem with bulk back links. He offered away free layouts and each of them joined to his website. Some of these links become ineffective links, creating a pr lower. My idea is to weblink to the inner page, not the website -so if anything goes wrong, one page will experience and not the main page.
What to do with a PR drop?

My advice for you is to peaceful down. It will not be resolved until the next up-date. Whenever your Website List comes (I never wish for that!) try to think which sites have eliminated your weblink and which ones had a PR drop? Now you have to keep your website going and develop some more inbound links.

Some persons start to eliminate all confident links from their website. It’s bad for your buddies and they will have a lower too! Try to keep one weblink longer, 6-12 weeks or even more! If you will like to provide links, develop sure you keep it for at least 3 weeks.
The remaining motivation

Google Website List is just a investigation status and it does not figure out the quality of your composing. Your buddies will not abandon your website if you had a PR lower. Produce more superb content and develop network with persons around you and you will get to your greatest location.
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